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     It gives us great pleasure to present the services of Meritum. The main area of our activity is complex implementation, design, and execution of technical security systems, including for the following installations and systems:

     We render complex services within the scope of the abovementioned systems:

     Thanks to our cooperation with renowned producers of security systems, we are able to materialize complex services for our clients by fulfilling their demands and needs. We are a trusted partner and have completed many projects in Gdańsk as well as throughout Poland (please visit our “references” section for more information). Our experience includes, but is not limited to: design, installation, programming, commissioning and maintenance of technical security and safety systems in high-rise office buildings, power plants, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, industrial buildings and others.
    Over the course of our experience on the market and due to the high qualifications of our technical staff, we have become very well acquainted with the practical aspects of all popular technical security systems within personal protection. We have obtained, among others, the authorization and qualified documentation to install the following systems:

        Besides new implementations, we also perform maintenance on already existing and functioning systems through the execution of regular services. Because of the diversity of buildings in which our installations and services have been executed, MERITUM guarantees the proper selection of technical security solutions and their realization while adhering to the highest expectations of our clients.
        Moreover, due to our wide choice of producers and distributors, we can present several solutions to one security problem while taking into account the specificity and expectations of our clients as well as their financial means.
        We look forward to cooperating with you and will answer any questions that you may have.

Sincerely yours,
  Piotr Suchodolski





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